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Dave Toynbee

Following the completion of his Electrical Engineering technology diploma in 2002, Dave has developed and refined his client solutions-oriented skills through technical engineering, project management, technical sales and account management through his entire working career in the commercial building automation industry with a leading building automation company in the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Following a life-altering traumatic injury in 2005 which threatened his career and future desired lifestyle, he became an active real estate investor and member of the Real Estate Intelligence Network (REIN). He has since grown his real estate portfolio, ranging from sole and joint venture purchases and management of commercial office buildings, to single and multi-family homes and condos/townhouses. Today, he has purchased a total of 14 properties with 21 doors and continues to elevate his personal and business growth. Dave has shared his stories and insights in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The REIN Report, several real estate investor blogs, and, on a few occasions, on the REIN stage. He has also provided a great deal of mentorship and support to others, helping them grow above and beyond their current selves in life and investing in real estate.
Having learned many different life and real estate investing skills throughout his experiences with personal and business adversities, and through helping others in surmounting their life and investment goals, Dave has developed a real passion for helping others obtain more in their lives. In aligning with this passion, he recently became a certified Real Estate Investment Advisor (REIA) through the LEGACY Council of Canada.

From here, Dave is using his experiences and passion to help many more people get financially prepared and elevate their lives without having to go through the lessons from the traumas and setbacks that he did.

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What Could Go Wrong

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